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Toby Tate: An Introduction

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I know it's been a while, but with deadlines and working full time it's been hard keeping up. I decoded, before my hiatus, to begin to include content from my fellow authors for we are kindred spirits. Now, I've got to get this up quick because I am about to walk into work. So, without hesitation, I would like to introduce you lovely people to fellow author and talented man, Toby Tate!

As a new author with Permuted Press, I appreciate Kindra having me as a guest on her blog. Hopefully I can keep it interesting and readers won't drool on their keyboards, short them out and cause electrical fires that burn out of control, destroy entire neighborhoods, cities and eventually the world. So, in essence, I'm saving the world here.
But I digress.
The deal I signed with Permuted Press was for four books-three of those books are already written and one is in the works. They were all written in crayon, so I had to spend a lot of time getting them transposed. Luckily, I have since learned to use a keyboard, so it goes much more quickly now.
Three of those books are also part of a series, while one is not. None of them are about zombies, although the stand-alone does have some walking dead people, which I guess could be called zombies. I do like zombies, though I've never met one in person. If I did, I suppose I'd become a zombie myself and I wouldn't be writing this. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah.
The stand-alone book is called DIABLERO, unless Permuted changes it. It's a story about an ancient mythical being called the Death Defier who gains immortality by sapping the life-force from his victims. In my story, Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard the pirate, is possessed by the Death Defier sometime in the early 1700s.
Blackbeard eventually dies in battle, and for three centuries the spirit remains trapped in the pirate's barnacle-encrusted bones at the bottom of the sea-until someone brings Teach back to life, and the Death Defier along with him. The story follows a reporter, Hunter Singleton, and his wife Lisa, who band together with several others to try and stop the demon as he wreaks havoc on the East Coast.
Teach travels from North Carolina to Florida and the Caribbean searching for an ancient book that will unlock not only the secret to his immortality, but will also open a gateway to a dimension inhabited by dark, unholy creatures who once inhabited our world-and wish to do so again.
There's a lot of conflict as Hunter and Lisa are on the verge of divorce at the beginning of the book, and we watch as the human part of Edward Teach struggles against the demonic Death Defier.
So yeah, it's pretty light reading. This book will be released by Permuted Press in Sept. 2016.
My next book, a novella which I call THE LILITU, is about several members of a race of beings (there were many of them here before us, if you believe mythology) that are living in Australia. The heroine of this particular story is a CIA operative named Gabrielle Lincoln who is on vacation in OZ to visit her family when her father, a retired CIA guy, informs her of said creatures. She hunts them down and is subsequently captured, brainwashed and used for their own nefarious purposes (no, not sex!)
Much of the book takes place in the outback, with Gabrielle running for her life, fighting these superhuman beasts. It's loads of fun! This book will be my first release from Permuted press, due out in April, 2016.
Let me just stress the fact that these creatures are NOT vampires. Imagine an evil Superman and you'd be pretty close, except these beings can't fly. And if they get close to a strong radiation source, like enriched uranium, they turn into huge, fur-covered things with dagger-like teeth and nasty dispositions. This leads to the next book.
PRIMORDIAL, which I call a supernatural sci-fi thriller, begins on the island of Crete, where Lisa Singleton's young cousin is part of an archeological dig that finds a metal box buried on top of a mountain, with ancient symbols carved into the lid. But the box is also emitting high levels of radiation. Here's the synopsis I wrote for it, which I think is pretty good:
The container and its contents are sent to the university at Heraklion to be studied under controlled conditions-but before it can arrive, the vehicle and its three occupants, including the American university student, are forced off the road in a violent crash. The artifact is taken, the student kidnapped.
As Hunter and his wife, a CIA operative and a navy communications officer search for the artifact and the young woman that carried it, they discover that whatever is inside that box is an element as yet unknown to modern science, and more powerful and deadly than enriched uranium.
They face opposition at every turn, first by the Cretan police force, then by murderous creatures that seem to defy all the precepts of creation and evolution.
But whoever is behind the theft of the artifact and the kidnapping of the young woman is after more than money or power-he belongs to a race of beings older than mankind-the Lilitu. Now time is running out and he must be stopped before he can open a transdimensional gateway that will plunge the earth into an underworld of eternal darkness and torment, where the Lilitu and their gods reign supreme. This book will be released by Permuted press in May, 2016.
The last book, which I call THE CAIN PROPHECY, will be the end of the trilogy that began with my novel, LILITH, which was published in 2012. It will be released by Permuted Press in June, 2016.
You don't need to read LILITH to know what's going on. There's a lot of back story that will fill you in. So LILITH, THE LILITU, PRIMORDIAL and THE CAIN PROPHECY are all part of the same story. I hope you enjoy them and DIABLERO as much as I did writing them.
For more info on me and my books check out my website at , and also find me on Facebook and Twitter.  

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