Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Short Story Time!

Good Evening Followers!

*Cheers with a shot of Crown Royal Maple*

I have some awesome news that I have yet to share here. I know, shame on me. Not only is the release date for "Follow the Ashes" looming over us, I am being included in an anthology! Yes, an anthology. This novelist is about to get her feet wet in the world of short stories. The title? Well, the title of the anthology is "New Years Day" and it is being put out by friend, cover artist extraordinaire, and author Lisa Vasquez. She is the author of "The Unsaintly" which I recommend everyone read. I own it myself. It will include not just me, but some of the best in Dystopian fiction. It will be available in February of 2015.

The title of my own short story being included is "Permutation: A Story of Emerson King." This will be an introduction to a new character for a new series I am writing. Your first glimpse ever into the mind of the man before you enter his world in the Permutation Archives. Some of you may know the first work in this series as "The Harvested." Here is a little teaser to get your blood pumping.

Now, to get back to writing about Emerson King!

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