Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cover Artist Tribute Part 1: Lisa Vasquez

As we all know a book is nothing without it's cover. I have had the pleasure of working personally with two amazing cover artists and this will be my first tribute to these awesome ladies. I am starting with Lisa Vasquez. And not only is she a graphic artist, but she is an author too!

I have known Lisa for a good while now and she is not only working with me, but she is also our Graphic Art's Manager at Burning Willow Press, LLC. Even made us this snazzy logo.

I love her work and it is absolutely stunning and she never disappoints. She works very closely with each client to make sure they get what they have envisioned while still remaining true to her own style. The Executioner Trilogy covers are no exception.

And here are some more of her covers.

Want to know more about Lisa? She can be found at her website below!

Not only this, but she is also the owner and Founder of Inked Muse Press Magazine whose first issue is coming soon! 

Not only does she do all of this, she also took the time out to make this amazing promotional image for my Miss Hyde Novellas!

19. Lexa Cain


  1. Love the artwork; she's very talented.

  2. Nice shout-out and tribute to her artwork! Cover designers are the best :)

  3. Looks great, really like the site imagery. Will be back to look around properly after the blog-hop. Cheers.