Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Struggles of Author-dom!

As if being a college student, renovating a home built in the 1950s to look more like a home from the 2000s and being a writer in itself weren't hard enough. Finding a great agent who is as enthusiastic about your work as yourself and the large fan-base you've already created is even more-so. Not to brag or anything, but I believe my work to be quite brilliant. At least, that's what my husband and brilliant publicist Jennifer Butler say along with my beautiful mother and adoring friends, but of course they're all biased, right?

I would sure hope not since this market is so tough to break into, even with an absolutely wonderful manuscript that is obvious it will sell like hot cakes and go flying off the shelves. All I know is, I've been writing the "Executioner Series" since 2005 and finally have a finished copy of "Flowers of Evil," sitting on my computer I am happy with and I've only had one nibble out of all the queries I have sent. Seems like I'm exaggerating, but sadly I'm not. This is a tough market and you need to develop a thick skin and need to be able to handle rejection because, even with a kick-ass manuscript, you will be seeing a lot of them. Even one of my favorite authors, Stephen King, faced the same dilemma.

While, yes there are some individuals who get an agent or publisher without even trying, most of us need to work really hard to make ourselves known hence, this blog. Yes, I may have adoring fans already, but that doesn't count for beans unless you can somehow prove it to an agent or publisher. Yes, I have a great publicist with whom I plan to accomplish my ultimate goal. Yes, I have an outstanding and original manuscript. Will all of these things be my recipe for success?

I sure hope so.

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