Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What to do...What to do?

Well, my first book is now out for purchase as an eBook and I find myself asking, "What now?" There are so many options as to what to do now I have found myself stumped and a little confused. So this is where I start doing my homework. I have also asked my husband to come up with some marketing strategies for me since he is currently taking classes in PR and Marketing.

I will even admit I am not the best at selling something and I'm okay with that, but I don't want my work to suffer horribly because of that which is why I've been reaching out to my husband as well as his Marteking teacher who does this professionally and my publicist. I'd like to think the current marketing plan is working pretty well considering the sales for yesterday are better than I even expected for its first day on the world wide web.

Did I fully understand how competitive the urban fantasy market is before starting this venture? Yes. Surprisingly, even the agents who represent fantasy as a whole are hard to get to even raise an eyebrow, let alone close the deal on your work which is one reason I have flocked to the eBook community. Even now, as I publish my book to the Nook at this very moment, I find myself as excited as I was yesterday when I went to work and gushed to my team lead about how my book was now published. As soon as it is up for sale on the Nook I'm hoping this will boost my chances of success in the publishing market. Heck, I may even go to Amazon next. Who knows?

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