Saturday, January 31, 2015

Brand Spankin' New Project!

Good Evening Followers,

I am here to announce a brand new project, and I hope you guys are all just as happy with this as I am. I have had an idea for quite some time that I haven't managed to get to the page until just yesterday and great progress has already been made!

This idea has been cooking in my head for a while and now I have a name and a face and an introduction. Here I am to make sure you guys get a small sneak peek into the new character I have created and I can say this, you guys will love to hate her!

And here is a very very small snippet. Don't want to give away too much just yet!

"Hello, my name is Blyth McAlister and I'm a killer with a secret. Remember the story of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde? Well, they only got the story half right."

And for your listening pleasure!

Enjoy, everyone! Until next time!

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