Saturday, November 29, 2014

BWP on Zombiepalooza Radio!

Good evening Followers!

As everyone knows I was in Zombiepalooza Radio last night talking about my company Burning Willow Press. So many of you I'm sure couldn't tune in but don't be discouraged. Below is a link to the podcast where I can be heard.

If interested in learning more about us we can be found on Facebook and Twitter as well as on our website

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Burning Willow Press on the Radio!

Good evening Followers,

I hope everyone had a great and wonderful Thanksgiving, and ate way too much. I know I did. As I sit back with a glass of white wine I felt it would be a very good idea to let you guys know about the newest things going on with my press, Burning Willow Press.

My place within the press is not only a founder, but owner/president/CEO. There have been a lot of people wondering about us so the first place you can look is on our website that is now live. The link is:

Onto the news. As a way to gain the press some more exposure I have been asked to be interviewed on my good friend Jackie Chin's radio show called Zombiepalooza Radio! I will be featured at 9:10 om EST and have a fifty minute slot to talk about the press and what plans we have for our future. The details are listed below:

Zombiepalooza Radio Presents: THE ART OF THE SALE
Call in Number for fans: 330-333-5167
We start at 8 pm EST and will go till 1 am
It's all about the Art of the Sale. I am bring on some folks who are going to talk about different ways to sell your books, and hone your skills. Being able to write a book is difficult enough, selling it to strangers is a whole other matter. There will be plenty of insights to get your book moving in the right direction.
Do not like the more tried and true paths of selling I got someone for you first hour that knows how to kick it out of the ball park. That would be Timothy Long from Permuted Press & Katie Cord.
Kindra Sowder has a brand new publishing house called Burning Willow Press where she will tell you what she is going to do to help your work(s) get more notice.
Scott Baker will be offering his own brand of advice to help motivate you into some amazing sales.
It's not just about the sell the it is about how you present yourself and your work(s). I will be offering advice from what I have found to be useful for many authors and creative types from the past two years of Zombiepalooza Radio.
We come with experience of the sell and how to motivate and brand with what we have learned from creating this amazing show.

Here is the link to listen in on the show and a call in number to offer your own advice, or ask questions of our panel.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Help Us Build Burning Willow Press!

Hello Followers,

We have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help Burning Willow Press grow! We are all doing this pro-bono until I can make enough to pay my staff and this is a good start. Our website will also be up in another 24 hours for your viewing pleasure. We had a few small bumps in the road getting that up. Thank you everyone for you support. The link for the campaign is below!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Follow the Ashes" Cover Reveal!

Hello Followers!

As promised, without further ado, here is the cover for my debut novel "Follow the Ashes: Book 1 of the Executioner Trilogy." I hope you guys like it. It took a lot of man power and some awesomely creative minds to give you this! Please join me in thanking Bobby Walton of Waltzgallery Ourreach for doing the cover shoot, Elaina Germanson for being my model, and Lisa Vasquez of Darque Halo Designs for the design!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

More News From Burning Willow Press!

Hello Followers!

The website for Burning Willow Press will be going live soon! Also, the cover reveal for "Follow the Ashes" is tomorrow at 2 pm on FaceBook! I have also taken the hours of manpower today to create our very own logo for the press and am very impressed with myself. Here it is guys!

Burning Willow Press, LLC, image created by Kindra Sowder

I will also go ahead and share a photo from the cover shoot for "Follow the Ashes." This photo was taken by Bobby Walton of WaltzGallery Outreach and our lovely model was Elaina Germanson, whom I will be continuing to use for the other two books of the trilogy! She did an amazing job and I am simply blown away. Once the cover reveal has taken place I will give you guys an update here as well! I hope you're all as excited as I am.

Photo courtesy of Bobby Walton @ WaltzGallery Outreach, model Elaina Germanson

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

First Review of "Follow the Ashes"

Hello Followers,

I very happily announce my first rave review for "Follow the Ashes" from Tom Leeland Jr. He was very willing to read my book and do a review on it not only because he is an urban fantasy buff, but he absolutely loves to see a strong female lead. Well, I have both working for me. Without further adue here is the review that he wrote. Enjoy!

Photo by Bobby Walton @ WaltzGallery Outreach, model Elaina Germanson

Tom Leeland Jr. book Review of : Follow the Ashes
( part 1 of the Executioner Trilogy)
urban fantasy
written by Kindra Sowder
First of ill start by saying this is a excellent start to what I believe will be a well written and immersive series of books. This is a urban fantasy that takes place in our world in the state of California. Robin the female lead character is a strong willed and independent character that function under pressure and is a tough as nails. Robin and the rest of the characters are well thought out and each have a strong human element. The main story was strong and well written. The writer focused on the main successfully made sure each chapter made up a well written easy flowing story. The plot of the story being the main character and how she adjusts to her role as a killer of supernatural evilness while maintaining her own humanity and those she holds dear. This book series can be read by both young adult and adult and be entertaining and non offensive to both. The writer portrayed a sexual tension and "angst" that was compelling and rich in detail while still being clean for readers being young teens and adults as well. Robin is a "executioner" not a slayer she kills for the sake of those that cant or those that don't know of the evil we live with and dance around each day. This story is dark and gloomy, while at the same time well balanced with light. I love a writer that grabs my attention and stimulates my imagination that cause's me to envision the scenery and also what or how the characters are experiencing. The author was successful at making me have genuine feelings for the main characters of the story. I enjoyed each fight scene and I especially enjoyed the angst and tension so well portrayed between the main character and her love interest. I eagerly look forward to the next installment in the series.
P.S. I forgot to add that this book will be released soon.

Look At Us Go!

We are growing by leaps and bounds! Don't forget to check us out, like, and share!

Burning Willow Press is an independent publisher of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. We pride ourselves I'm being a home to authors of other worlds. We are here to tantalize your thoughts, spark your imagination, and tap into your primal fears.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Burning Willow Press, LLC

Hello Followers,

I am here to tell you that Burning Willow Press, LLC is now fully registered and a recognized limited liability company! This means something absolutely wonderful! I am not a business owner as well as CEO and President! Doesn't that feel good to say?

We will be taking a limited number of submissions once our website is up and running which will be any day now and I have to say it is looking quite fantastic! We have a rough logo while the kinks are being worked out of my original logo idea.

Our first official release will also be my work "Follow the Ashes," whose cover reveal is being held November 23rd via FaceBook for anyone who wants to find me and RSVP. I will also be revealing it here for everyone to see! I can't wait until we begin doing business because we have so much in store. Here's a little taste of what Burning Willow Press, LLC is all about:

Burning Willow Press is an independent publisher of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. We pride ourselves in being a home to authors of other worlds. We are here to tantalize your thoughts, spark your imagination, and tap into your most primal fears.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Best News Yet!

Good Evening Followers,

I have already made the announcement via social media like FaceBook and the like, but not yet to my faithful readers. Not only am I publishing the Executioner Trilogy myself but......


I am here to announce the arrival of BURNING WILLOW PRESS, LLC! I have partnered with friend and fellow author (who is amazing btw) to form our own small press who vows to treat their authors right! We don't have everything set up completely just yet so be on the lookout for a website as well as other goodies!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Growing Career...

Good evening (or morning) followers,

I know it's late, but I have a few things on my mind tonight. Today I received one of the best emails you can only hope to receive when you write for a small horror magazine. Sinister Grin Press has approached me about scheduling interviews for some of their authors. I am absolutely thrilled! I recently ran my first author interview with Horror Geeks Magazine, and this article was a first of its kind for them as well! Not too long after this article went up I was sent this email from the co-owner and head of marketing for Sinister Grin Press.

I am nor responsible for interviews with horror authors from Permuted Press and Sinister Grin Press. Now, I know a few people are scratching their heads and wondering why I'm continuing work of any kind with my former publisher. While I may not be publishing my works with them anymore, I have gained a lot of friendships through working with them and their authors. That is the reason. I want to see my fellow authors succeed no matter who they are affiliated with. I hope that is the answer you were looking for.

So, I am self-publishing the long awaited Executioner Trilogy, still working hard on the Permutation Archives, searching for an agent/publisher, and writing for Horror Geeks Magazine. I am so excited for all of the things happening in my life and only hope I can continue to help Horror Geeks grow into something we can be proud of (as if we're not already proud enough). This past week I did a Skype interview with the wonderful Jennifer Brozek and I have to say she is a wonderful woman who I only hope to continue to work with in the future.

On top of all of this, I am working with Lisa at Darque Halo Designs on cover art for the Executioner Trilogy as well as trying to gain permissions for a song from the band In This Moment to use for a book trailer for "Follow the Ashes." My good friend Bobby Walton of WaltzGallery Photography is also doing some shooting for me tomorrow with a gorgeous model for stock for promotions and marketing for "Follow the Ashes" and I cannot wait to see the photos! I know, I know I've been all over the place tonight, but there is just so much going on lately.

For anyone wondering about my husband, he is doing well. He is three weeks post-op from his LBKA and he is doing very well. He was signed off on occupational therapy while still in rehab and physical therapy will be signing off on him very soon. His staples get removed on Monday and work will soon begin on his prosthetic and him learning to walk again on that. Very exciting news and I am so proud of how well he is doing. He is my hero and I really hope he knows that. Love you, babe! I know you'll be reading this soon!