Sunday, October 11, 2015


Good afternoon all,

I know, I know this post is a day late. I do apologize. We have had a lot going on here in South Carolina lately and I had a family thing come up yesterday. Now, the moment everyone has been waiting for. I am ready to announce the winner that will receive both eBooks of "Follow the Ashes" and "Follow the Screams!"

And the winner is.....


I will be contacting you shortly so we can get your prizes to you! And don't forget everyone, these can be purchased on Amazon in eBook, paperback, and are available for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Also, the explosive final chapter is coming December 20, 2015! Be ready! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cover Artist Tribute Part 2: Loraine Van Tonder

We all know the cover artists are extremely important, and I began my cover artist tribute with Lisa Vasquez. I have had the pleasure of working with two wonderful and extremely talented graphic artists when it comes to my work. Tonight I want to take a minute to talk to you guys about Loraine Van Tonder!

I was on the lookout for a fresh artist who I could help gain more exposure for their work. This is how I started the Cover Art Contest for the Miss Hyde Novellas. Loraine was amazing for submitting not just one, but four options for me to see. While the decision was tough I have to say it's one of the best decisions I have ever made. This is her work for me so far.

"Hello, My Name is...": A Miss Hyde Novella Volume 1
"Pain-Killer": A Miss Hyde Novella Volume 2

Below are some samples of her other works, including a piece of fan art for the Miss Hyde Novellas she has created!

Want to see more of her work? She can be found in two places!


19. Lexa Cain


Good evening, all! I have a little contest in mind for those who would like to win a little somthing, something. What do I have in mind? Vampire slayers, of course!

Now, you may be wondering exactly what I have in mind here when talking vampire slayers and a contest. Well, the rules are simple and your prize....AMAZING!

1. Who is your favorite vampire slayer/hunter?
2. Comment on this blog post and you are automatically entered!

Both...and yes I said BOTH "Follow the Ashes" and "Follow the Screams" eBooks!


You will receive both books 1 and 2 of the Executioner Trilogy just by participating!

This is not limited to the images I have included in this blog post, by any means. I cannot think of them all and I am sure there are others that I have not heard of yet.

Who's my favorite? I have quite a few which includes every single one that I have posted and will post here tonight. 

My absolute favorite though? I may be biased when I say Robin from my own series. Yes, I am extremely biased, but she also has another advantage that none above have. She has an inner beast.....and that beast can throw fire! And not just that, but I don't want to give everything away!

I will announce the winner on the 10th at the end of the October Frights Blog Hop...
AND GO.......!

19. Lexa Cain

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cover Artist Tribute Part 1: Lisa Vasquez

As we all know a book is nothing without it's cover. I have had the pleasure of working personally with two amazing cover artists and this will be my first tribute to these awesome ladies. I am starting with Lisa Vasquez. And not only is she a graphic artist, but she is an author too!

I have known Lisa for a good while now and she is not only working with me, but she is also our Graphic Art's Manager at Burning Willow Press, LLC. Even made us this snazzy logo.

I love her work and it is absolutely stunning and she never disappoints. She works very closely with each client to make sure they get what they have envisioned while still remaining true to her own style. The Executioner Trilogy covers are no exception.

And here are some more of her covers.

Want to know more about Lisa? She can be found at her website below!

Not only this, but she is also the owner and Founder of Inked Muse Press Magazine whose first issue is coming soon! 

Not only does she do all of this, she also took the time out to make this amazing promotional image for my Miss Hyde Novellas!

19. Lexa Cain

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Delving Into the Unknown: The Deliverance of Desiree Tanner

Good evening,

Tonight I'm going to make things personal and talk about my new short story that I am currently working on for an anthology. All in the spirit of October as well as in honor of paranormal author Clarissa Johal who is running the October Frights Blog Hop I am participating in along with the authors which whom I will list at the end of this post (and each author name is clickable so you can venture to their own blog).

I am writing a story and I have never written one of its kind before....Well, not since I was 11 anyways and writing ghost stories for school. It is titled "The Deliverance of Desiree Tanner" and I am delving into my own experiences on this one. For those who do not know, I suffer from anxiety and PTSD, which I am using to fuel this story. My background in psychology with two degrees is also helping push this story along. Oh...and GHOSTS! I will be sharing a snippet of this tonight with you guys in honor is this magnificent blog hop we have going on so I hope you enjoy!

The Deliverance of Desiree Tanner (A Snippet)
               The chill of the air outside hit my uncovered face and neck as I made my way out of Doctor Elliot’s office, causing me to cross my arms over my chest even though the rest of my body was warm. It was the only sign so far that Fall was among our small town, the leaves not yet changing to their beautiful oranges and reds as the year grew colder. The wonderful thing was that the sun was out, beaming down on me, but not providing the warmth it was known for. I took a deep breath in as the door shut noisily behind me, letting the cool air move through my throat, chilling it ever so slightly as I let the same breath out.
                I scanned my surroundings, noticing the black Jeep Wrangler that I arrived in with my roommate still parked in the same spot we had left it. Luke was a wonderful man and one I had known since the age of five where most children have a tendency to meet lifelong friends. He was smart, attentive, and attractive, but not once did I ever see him in a romantic light and we were both alright with that. He had been the most helpful when it came to my afflictions and offered to take me in as a roommate in his three bedroom house that his parents had left him when they died when my own parents decided the PTSD was too much for them to handle.
                As I moved towards the Jeep, I began to fish for my cell phone within the large satchel I carried. He wasn’t waiting in the car and was more than likely still in the hardware store down the block, but I wasn’t about to go searching for him. I could wait, but I would be waiting alone which caused my anxiety to peak yet again, a cold sweat breaking out across my forehead and body. My palms even began to perspire as I dug around inside the cavern for the phone, my hand gripping everything but that item. More panic.
                Out of the corner of my eye something drew my attention, and I couldn’t help but look up while still rummaging. What I saw stopped me in my tracks. A tall, dark figure was standing next to the car, face unreadable and barely recognizable in the darkness he was shrouded in despite the light from the sun surrounding me. The edge of his long coat was clear against the bright sunlight and blew slightly in the small breeze, hands in his pockets. Fear gripped me like a vice. I wanted to turn around, walk back into Doctor Elliot’s office and tell him I was hallucinating again, but I was rooted to the spot and completely frozen in terror. Completely and utterly immovable. I had even stopped rummaging through my bag, the search for the cell phone a long forgotten memory.
                My breathing became ragged as sweat tricked down my back and my heart raced behind my rib cage, my mind sprinting right along with it and not only matching my heart’s speed but outrunning it altogether.
                He is dead, I thought to myself. I repeated it in my mind over and over until there was no way I could possibly doubt it but he was still there. Unmoving. Unflinching. Unchanging except for the blowing tendrils of his long coat. He is dead. You killed him. He is dead. The words didn’t change the feeling of dread and terror that ripped through me and formed a solid pit in my gut right along with the lunch I had had earlier, nausea moving up my throat.
                I squeezed my eyes shut as I stood there, not wanting to take I the scene before me. Knowing that there was no conceivable way for Alex to be standing next to Luke’s car. I just had to be sure.
                My eyes shot open and Luke was before me, blue eyes regarding me with concern as he stood in front of me, blocking my view of what was behind him. A soft cry was all I could muster, a solitary tear rolling down my cheek that I quickly wiped away.
                “Are you alright?” he asked as he continued to watch me, his stare not leaving my face as I tried to compose myself.
                “He was there, I’m sorry,” I breathed.
                He turned away from me, searching around for someone he also knew could not possibly be there. Trying to appease me, it seemed.
                He placed a hand on my shoulder and bent down to look me in the eye, “Do you need to go back?” I knew what he meant. He meant did I need to go back to the hospital. Did I need to live in that cesspool of insanity again?
                I shook my head and waved him off; looking past his shoulder for all of a second to see that the figure was no longer there.
                “No. I’m okay. Just tired is all. I think I just need some ret.”
                “Well, you haven’t been sleeping well so I think you could be right.” He shifted the bag I just noticed in his hand to the other hand, placing his arm around my shoulders and guiding me towards the car that I was still regarding with a suspicious glare.

                He had been there. I knew he was dead, but Alex had been standing there watching me and I knew this wasn’t over. It may have been something my mind cooked up to cope with what had happened to me, but that didn’t matter. It was real enough to me.

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Good evening everyone!

As most of you know, I love October. I love the Fall, the changing leaves, and the slight chill in the air. The best parts? Pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween! I have a lot going on this month. One of those things being a Frights Blog Hop with the amazing Clarissa Johal! As a part of this and a way to spread the word I will be sharing a snippet of my latest release "Pain-Killer: A Miss Hyde Novella Volume 2" to get your horrifying juices flowing. Below this I will be including a banner with a link where you can tune into the hop as well as a list of the participating authors, but first things first!

Cover art designed by Loraine Van Tonder

Images of blood and shining metal flashed before my closed eyes, causing my heart to race with fear and anticipation. Hot blood spurted as flesh was ripped, cut, and torn open. I was dreaming. I had to be dreaming. There was no way this could be real. Right?
I came into consciousness slowly at first as the pictures flashed behind my eyelids, and then I was brought back with a rush and everything was blurry as I opened my eyes.  I was already standing and I was somewhere I had never been before, and once my eyes spotted the bed I knew I was in a bedroom. But whose? The ceilings were high with exposed wooden beams running across in a parallel fashion. I felt plush, wet, and sticky carpet underneath my feet and the walls in the room I was in were mossy green with a brown colored carpet lining the floor.
There was something wet and warm in my hand and a tacky feeling spreading from my hand all the way down my body. I could even feel it dribbling down my chin from my lips. I looked towards my outstretched hand and saw something that shocked me to my core. There was a fresh, still beating heart clutched in my hand with chunks missing and bite marks all over it. That was when it hit me. What the liquid running down my chin was.
“Oh my God…” I cried as the heart beat it my hand one final time, stilling as the nerve impulses finally died away.
I dropped it to the floor and began to back away from it, my feet sliding through the wet carpet; almost causing me to fall down into what I was beginning to see was blood. It was still hot between my toes, but I didn’t see a body. My mind was still fuzzy and bits and pieces were beginning to come back. I met a guy. What was his name? I struggled with the name as I stood in a pool of crimson life, trying to ignore the sensation of it cooling and congealing on my skin. I wasn’t even sure how long I had been there and all I did know was that this was Hyde’s doing. But why had she done it? There had to be a good reason. And where was the body? Then the name and an image of his face hit me. Kyle. The man with a broad chest and hazel eyes framed by gorgeous lashes that any woman would kill for. Then the cosmopolitan I drank came to mind quickly followed by a bitter taste on my tongue that I realized wasn’t the lime juice in it at all.
“Fuck. That’s why you did it, isn’t it?” I asked Hyde. I knew I wouldn’t get the kind of answer I expected. She wasn’t another person standing in the room. She was inside of me and was deathly quiet. I wasn’t certain what to make of that. From what I could tell, Kyle’s apartment had the same layout as far as the bedroom and master bath went, simple and accessible. The double doors stood wide open and there was blood trailing from where I stood and into that room.
I began to follow the trail, slipping as I moved through the pool of blood. Somehow I managed to catch myself with a firm hand on the ground, avoiding a nasty swim in it. I was already covered in the stuff, but there was no reason to make it worse. My feet slapped the tile as I made my way into the bathroom, searching out for the body of the man who I had killed and whose heart I had been munching on. The thought of it made my stomach turn. Following the trail my eyes made their way to the shower where it led. Kyle’s body was beyond the clear glass doors, naked and cover in blood with his rib cage cracked open with his heart missing. Like I didn’t t know that already. A bloody kitchen knife lay on the shower floor, glinting at me in the overhead lights. Underneath the blood, I could see stab wounds in his gut. There were enough of them to where I wasn’t sure if it was the stabbing or the ripping open of his chest that had actually killed him. It didn’t change the fact that I, Hyde, we, had taken his life.
My stomach rolled and nausea crept up my throat, burning its way into my mouth. I spun and ran to the toilet, surprised that I even made it there. As I retched the acid burned my throat and left a sour taste in my mouth. I had always seen her inflict the damage, but as her way of protecting what she perceived to be my fragile mind, she always blocked out the aftermath of her work. I was guessing this time she didn’t care and wanted me to see what the result would be if I held her back. Well, her point made it through loud and clear. Reaching up with one hand I flushed the toilet. I did not plan on leaving any DNA behind in the toilet. The heart on the bedroom floor would have to be contented with. I didn’t even know what I would do with that yet, but fingerprints were the first thing I needed to handle.
Hyde had never left me to clean up the mess before. I sat in front of the toilet as I tried to think up a plan of action. There was no way I wanted this to be traced back to me. What was I going to do? A thought waltzed into my frazzled brain then. There was only one person I could ask for the answers. I stood and stumbled to the mirror, making sure not to touch anything else and leave any more evidence behind. I guess the best thing about being what Hyde is could be the fact that she couldn’t be incriminated in any crime, big or small. I just happened to be the one she took for a wild ride every once and a while. The mirror was gigantic and was a series of three mirrors side by side with the outer two turning in at an angle. I could see three of me and that was very disturbing with the trail of blood on the floor behind me.
Looking deep into the eyes of my own reflection I let the words come out. “What do I do?” When nothing happened anger filled me and gave way to rage, pure and bitter like acid that was eating its way through my veins.  “You got me into this mess. What do I do?”  I yelled into the mirror, pointing a finger at my own reflection as it pointed back at me as if accusing me too. As I watched my eyes flashed from their natural amber brown to a bright green the color of fresh cut grass on a spring day. I blinked and my eyes were their natural color again like the change hadn’t occurred at all. Had I truly seen it? I shook my head and decided that I had and that Hyde was just playing games with me. Maybe she wanted to see what I’d do or would she finally took over if I was going in the wrong direction. After all, she could no longer kill her way through the club scene if I was locked away in prison awaiting the death penalty.
I took a few steps away from the mirror, not taking my eyes off of it and waiting for the transformation to take place again. Nothing. “God dammit!” I hissed. I couldn’t keep the hurt and the fury out of my voice. “Help me!”

2015 October Frights Blog Hop
October 1-10th

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