Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Getting Back on That Workout Track

This morning is going to be a fun morning. As I sit here writing this I am currently waiting for my sister to come over so we can workout. Yes...I said workout. For any of you who read my blog that know me personally you know I can't keep a workout schedule to save my life. Enter my sister, Jewell.

Hopefully, since we are both on the track for healthier living she can keep me going and not let me give up like I have every time before. As a writer and someone who has a desk job outside of writing I definitely need to do something, right? I definitely don't want to pack on more pounds than I already have.

In a way, I am dreading becoming my sweaty and tired alter-ego whom my husband calls Monique (that's my middle name). Apparently this Monique isn't a very nice person. At any rate, here's to healthier living filled with more energy and less stiff joints!

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