Monday, November 17, 2014

Burning Willow Press, LLC

Hello Followers,

I am here to tell you that Burning Willow Press, LLC is now fully registered and a recognized limited liability company! This means something absolutely wonderful! I am not a business owner as well as CEO and President! Doesn't that feel good to say?

We will be taking a limited number of submissions once our website is up and running which will be any day now and I have to say it is looking quite fantastic! We have a rough logo while the kinks are being worked out of my original logo idea.

Our first official release will also be my work "Follow the Ashes," whose cover reveal is being held November 23rd via FaceBook for anyone who wants to find me and RSVP. I will also be revealing it here for everyone to see! I can't wait until we begin doing business because we have so much in store. Here's a little taste of what Burning Willow Press, LLC is all about:

Burning Willow Press is an independent publisher of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. We pride ourselves in being a home to authors of other worlds. We are here to tantalize your thoughts, spark your imagination, and tap into your most primal fears.

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