Wednesday, November 19, 2014

First Review of "Follow the Ashes"

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I very happily announce my first rave review for "Follow the Ashes" from Tom Leeland Jr. He was very willing to read my book and do a review on it not only because he is an urban fantasy buff, but he absolutely loves to see a strong female lead. Well, I have both working for me. Without further adue here is the review that he wrote. Enjoy!

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Tom Leeland Jr. book Review of : Follow the Ashes
( part 1 of the Executioner Trilogy)
urban fantasy
written by Kindra Sowder
First of ill start by saying this is a excellent start to what I believe will be a well written and immersive series of books. This is a urban fantasy that takes place in our world in the state of California. Robin the female lead character is a strong willed and independent character that function under pressure and is a tough as nails. Robin and the rest of the characters are well thought out and each have a strong human element. The main story was strong and well written. The writer focused on the main successfully made sure each chapter made up a well written easy flowing story. The plot of the story being the main character and how she adjusts to her role as a killer of supernatural evilness while maintaining her own humanity and those she holds dear. This book series can be read by both young adult and adult and be entertaining and non offensive to both. The writer portrayed a sexual tension and "angst" that was compelling and rich in detail while still being clean for readers being young teens and adults as well. Robin is a "executioner" not a slayer she kills for the sake of those that cant or those that don't know of the evil we live with and dance around each day. This story is dark and gloomy, while at the same time well balanced with light. I love a writer that grabs my attention and stimulates my imagination that cause's me to envision the scenery and also what or how the characters are experiencing. The author was successful at making me have genuine feelings for the main characters of the story. I enjoyed each fight scene and I especially enjoyed the angst and tension so well portrayed between the main character and her love interest. I eagerly look forward to the next installment in the series.
P.S. I forgot to add that this book will be released soon.

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