Sunday, February 15, 2015

Eyes of Fire: The Corruption of Innocence (FLASH FICTION FREEBIE)

She was killed within the fire of the righteous, seen as the embodiment of sin. The sad part that they won’t tell you is that she was only twelve and the sin was their own. They continued to lie, stating that the sin and darkness was cast down on them by the wickedness of others and that the destruction of her could save them, bringing them back into the light. Little did they know that their violence would only cause the darkness to grow.
Now they were running for their lives as ash and fire fell from the sky, caused by the demon of the innocence they had corrupted. Their souls would be blackened and she would condemn them just as they had damned her. Her anger and dark rage would ravage them until there was nothing left and they were scattered on the ground amongst the ashes of their holy book. With eyes the color of shiny coals she watched them run and smiled as their blood spattered her dirty white dress.
She walked through the littered streets, laughing as she kicked disembodied arms, legs, and heads out of her path. The world was about to know what Hell was like and she would be sure that no one came out alive. She was their reaper, and they already had one foot in the grave.

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