Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Who's Ready?...

Good evening Followers,

As most people know, this past weekend I was in Jacksonville. Why? Well, my husband/VP/CFO of Burning Willow Press and myself were there getting some things prepared for "Follow the Screams" and "Follow the Bloodshed."

Not only did we do a photo shoot for the cover, but we filmed for live action book trailers! This is something I am the most excited about and my model/actress Elaina is really a trooper. I had her running around everywhere.

I am so thankful to know the people that I do and to have these people involved. The credit isn't all mine. Yes, I wrote the story, but without these people I would not be where I am today. Not just my husband and the staff and authors at Burning Willow Press, but the people involved in the above process. I would like to thank these people individually.

Bobby Walton of Waltzgallery Outreech - my friend and talented photographer https://www.facebook.com/WaltzGalleryOutReech2nd?fref=ts
Elaina Germanson - my model and actress....my superhero
DeAnna Germonson - Elaina's and one kick ass lady

Because of these wonderful people I have these wonderful photos to show you and, remember, this is just a sneak peek until the cover reveal on May 23rd at this online event Follow the Screams Cover Reveal Event

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