Saturday, July 20, 2013

Haters Everywhere.....

My first book of the Executioner Trilogy has sparked tons and tons of rave reviews, but for every thousands of fans, you are bound to find at least one hater. Yes, I said it, I have my first hater. I can take constructive criticism, but stating there are problems where there aren't is another thing.

And no one likes a hater....

I am still under serious consideration from Zeno Literary Agency which, by my luck, represents a very well known author in my particular genre. Charlaine Harris! So am I excited. You bet ya!

Of course, I don't need everyone's approval. Heck, Stephen King is loved by most but there are still some who can't stand his writing. I am following the same trend it seems, which I don't mind. That just lets me know I am truly great.

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