Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gareth C. Wood: An Introduction

Hello again Followers!

I am here today to introduce another fellow author with Permuted Press! His name is Gareth C. Wood and I have to tell you guys he is a force to be reckoned with. Granted, I don't get to hear from him often, but being a writer myself I understand the lack of free time.

His first work in coming out in January and it is part of a series. It is called "Black Horizon" and is the first book in what is lovingly called the Commonweatlh series. He is currently working on its sequal "The Long Dark." I, myself, am also looking forward to this as well as plenty of other upcoming Permuted Press titles. I do have to say there is a lot of good stuff coming out!

Now I'm getting ahead of myself. While the book isn't out yet I have been given a glimpse from Gareth as to what in the world it is about, and these words are straight from Gareth himself. "It's a book about war, trans-humanism, AI, passion, revolution, and the human spirit." Definitely has me wanting to read it, and soon. So I'm guessing you guys would like to know a little about Gareth, but first I'll start with a photo and what will follow is a little bio written by Gareth himself! Enjoy!

......And look at him all decked out in Permuted Press swag! Now on to you Gareth!

I am a writer of Science Fiction and Horror, based in Port Moody BC.  My influences from an early age were Tolkien and Frank Herbert, and other fantasy and SF authors of the time.  When D&D was first appearing, leading to the 'Satanic Panic', I was playing that and other role-playing games and loving them.  It was from those games that I learned to love telling stories.

In 2004, after years of on-and-off writing, I finally wrote a novel.  Then I wrote another.  And another followed.  Then a fourth.  Now I'm writing number five, and have plans for at least three more so far.  In time I may write the book then ends the world.

Here are some links below to get you guys started:

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