Saturday, May 4, 2013

Part 2 of the Executioner Trilogy

Today is going to be a day of hard work. Once I can find my headphones that is. I am going to be continueing work on part 2 of the Executioner Trilogy "Bleeding Fire and Brimstone" and I have to say if you bought and love the first, you will definitely love this one. It continues where "Flowers of Evil" left off and I cannot wait to have it finished and ready for distribution.

I know that there has been a lot of buzz where I live about "Flowers of Evil" so I would definitely love to see the same kind of enthusiasm in other places, like my home town of Los Angeles where this story is based. Now, as I go on to try to get a great chunk of this written today I need my playlist which means I need my headphones.

For anyone who has seen me write before, you all know that music is my muse and I have a playlist for each part of the trilogy to keep me inspired. Some of the artists on these lists are Paramore, Five Finger Death Punch, In this Moment, etc.

I cannot even begin to tell all of you how excited I am to get this one finished. Almost as much as I was when I finished part 1!

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