Friday, May 3, 2013


While I'm sitting here about to finish getting ready for work I can't help but think that I am sure things will pick up soon. Not that I'm not busy enough, but having the pressure of eBook sales and publishing and advertising just makes it so much worse. Not that I don't love what I do at work and what I write.

So I have decided to try to continue work on the next installment, "Bleeding Fire and Brimstone" no matter what else I have going on. I have a chapter and a half and it's been at a stand-still because of everything else going on in my life, and nothing has made me happier than my wonderful husband and the art I am creating with words that I hope others will love just as much, if not more, than I do. I know there are some wondering just what my fist book is about. Well, here is a blurb for you guys that I'm sure will have you wanting more!

What would you do if the fate of the world was in your hands and you, only you, can save humanity from the brink of oblivion?

Just ask Robin and Elizabeth, the heroines of “Flowers of Evil,” part one of The Executioner Trilogy.

There is a Gypsy legend of a woman called the Executioner. She is the one who will take on the night and all of the creatures within its dark depths. Robin is this woman and along with her partner Elizabeth, who is a very talented witch, they will fight the darkness. According to this Gypsy legend, they are destined to take their places as the leaders of an army to fight the forces of darkness in the apocalypse. This is the beginning of their journey to that very moment. Robin encounters a man who Elizabeth has foreseen who will forever change her life, but he isn’t quite human. On her way home from this shadowy encounter with this mysterious man she comes across something else in the lonely death of a cemetery. At this moment, little does she know who this creature is who she has witnessed crawling from a small crater in the ground, covered in soot and it is up to them to stop her, no matter what the cost.

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