Saturday, May 25, 2013

There She Goes. There She Goes Again....

Yet again, I hate the editing process. But to get into my chosen market I must do what I have to do. This also would entail a possible HUGE change. The title.

Apparently, publishers and agents alike can't stand that fact that there is a book of poetry by Baudelaire and a famous manga series by the same title. I could be mistaken, but I had read in a few places that it is a good idea to have a title that will show up when searched right up there with those top sellers. Which just happen to be these two things. I chose the title long before this, but seeing it reaffirmed my belief that the title was amazing and need not be changed. Well, apparently I was wrong.

While these two things are not competing directly in my market genre, I guess they feel it would be competition. I have no idea, but now I am debating something. Use the series of themed taglines I had concocted to go on the covers as the titles themselves for all three parts of the trilogy. Do I want to do this? Of course not. Do I and my publicist/friend believe the original titles fit better than any other possible title? Yes.

But do I want my personal opinion to stand in the way of me getting published? Hell no. So here I go, yet again. A major edit and a title change.

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  1. While at the end of the day any decision is yours to make... I really believe you should keep your title the way it is.